4 Things to Do Immediately After You Float

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Stepping out of the float tank is like waking up from a long, deep, restful sleep. You feel calm and contented. But jumping back in the car and heading to work (either at the office or at home) can prevent you from taking full advantage of your relaxation session. Instead of rushing off to your next task, help yourself ease back into the hubbub of the outside world. Here are four simple things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your time in the tank.


It might seem redundant to mediate after leaving the float tank, but a brief meditation can help bring you out of the trance-like state many people experience while floating. Meditation outside the tank allows you to remain in a restful frame of mind while offering you a gradual awareness of body you didn’t have while floating.


Your muscles and mind are relaxed, so it’s the perfect time to do some yoga. Even though you may feel highly energetic after a float, yoga is preferable to more vigorous exercise. Any form of gentle stretching will help you reconnect with your body after sensory deprivation. It’ll also help your muscle stay relaxed and limber, letting you reap the benefits of floating long after your session has ended.

Take a Walk

Along the same line as doing a few stretches, taking a walk outside is an excellent post-float activity. Your mind is especially open to the sights and smells of nature after a floatation session, so make the most of it. Drink in the colors and sounds of the outdoors while strolling at a slow to moderate pace as your muscles reawaken. Time in nature has been shown to help decrease anxiety and increase positive mood, so go ahead. Give yourself an extra boost.

Sip Some Tea

Another way to reconnect with your physical self is by enjoying a warm cup of tea or a cool smoothie. A simple antioxidant-filled drink will help to reawaken you and give your body an additional boost. Ideal choices are green or white tea and berry-rich blended drinks.

Whatever you choose, allow yourself some down time after your session. Jumping right back into work won’t negate the effects of your float, but it cheats you out of the additional benefits you gain by a slower, gentler reintroduction. You can help keep stress at bay longer by incorporating a 15-30 minute re-entry.

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