4 Natural Ways to Deal with Depression

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Although many people resort to medication to treat depression, there are plenty of alternative approaches that can be utilized as well. For many people, avoiding drugs helps them to deal with their depression in a more positive and healthy way. However, depending on the recommendations of a doctor, some of these natural treatments should be used in conjunction with medication.

In order to take a more natural approach to treating depression, try one or more of the following techniques, each of which encourage your body and mind to face life with a newfound positivity:

1. Exercise Regularly

The main reason exercise boosts your mood is because it causes the body to release endorphins, which give you a natural high. With endorphins making you feel happier and more positive, your brain is able to take a break from negative thoughts that increase depression. For those who aren’t fond of exercising, the good news is that simply walking three or four times a week allows you to reap the benefits of endorphins.

2. Take on New Responsibilities

For many people struggling with depression, simply taking on new responsibilities helps them to break out of a rut. New responsibilities provide new activities and new problems to work out, which distracts you from depression. Even better, new responsibilities can give you a sense of accomplishment, which certainly encourages positive emotions.

3. Choose a Healthy Diet

What you eat can have a huge effect on your emotions. In many cases, individuals dealing with depression are tempted to overeat, which only makes them feel worse. Make healthy choices in regards to your diet by cutting out unhealthy fats and sugars and focusing on fruits and vegetables. In addition, choosing serotonin-enhancing foods may trigger more positive moods. Serotonin-enhancing choices include foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, and lean protein, like turkey.

4. Try Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with depression for a variety of reasons. For many people, floatation therapy’s ability to trigger the release of endorphins is enough to improve their mood. However, floating also allows you to release stress and tension that may contribute to depression. In addition, while floating, the brain switches to theta waves, which allows the subconscious to take over and may help a floater to identify the root cause of his or her depression.

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