3 Ways to Keep Your Zen on the Road

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For many people, the holidays mean increased travel. It’s enjoyable to see friends and family, but long hours on an airplane or in a car make you feel stiff and tired. When you sleep in a new place, you often get less rest. Holiday travel disrupts your diet and family dynamics can cause stress. Whether you spend hours on a plane flying across the globe or days driving across the country, travel takes its toll on both body and mind. Here are solutions for staying calm even when the roads and airports are packed with holiday travelers who have lost their cheer.

Try Yoga

Exercise reduces stress and burns some of the calories in Aunt Mabel’s famous fruitcake. However, when you’re away from home you don’t have access to your local gym or the fitness equipment you normally use. Yoga can help you keep your Zen on the road because it requires no equipment and can be practiced in hotel rooms and airport lobbies.

Yoga awakens the body, increases flexibility and helps maintain a balanced metabolism. It increases circulation, pumping oxygen-rich blood to muscles cramped by travel. Many airports have alcoves designated for yoga with videos that display in a loop. Try downloading a yoga app before you leave home so you can experience the benefits of yoga from any location.

Pack for Comfort

Don’t just pack your clothes, toiletries and toothbrush, carry on items that improve your comfort level. A record number of travelers are expected to fly this holiday season, and even more will be on the roads. Here are a few items that can help reduce holiday stress by keeping you comfortable on the road or in the air.

  • A travel pillow. If you’re flying, invest in a pillow that supports your neck so you can sneak in a nap even in uncomfortable airline seating. An eye mask and earplugs can help you drown out other travelers.
  • A blanket. Whether you drive or fly, winter temperatures can be unpredictable. Add a fluffy blanket to your travel bag to block out the chill.
  • Your favorite drink. Instead of increasing travel anxiety with coffee, choose hydration that improves your health. Drink green tea, tart cherry juice or flavored water.

Schedule Floatation

Before you leave, schedule a floatation session for when you return. Floatation therapy reduces jet lag by helping reset circadian rhythms and rids the body of toxins. Contact Northwest Float Center to make your appointment today.

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