3 Tips for a Healthier 2016

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New Year’s resolutions offer hope for a better future, but many of us doubt our ability to live up to them. We want to take better care of ourselves by eating better, exercising, and giving ourselves time to relax, but often our best intentions are beaten by busy schedules. This year, give yourself the advantage by making your resolutions with the right frame of mind.

Make It Something You Want

What are the first resolution most of us drop? The ones we make for other people. No matter how noble or helpful a change is, if it doesn’t come from your own desire, it just doesn’t stick. Ask yourself, “Do I want this change? Is this going to make me happy?” If the answer isn’t a resounding “Yes!” you might as well move on.

When it comes to making time for yourself, it’s easy to feel selfish and let goals slide. This year, allow yourself to make your own well-being a priority. You’re as worthy of your time as anyone else is.

Make It Something You Can Track

“Work out more,” or “eat better” are great goals, but they’re too shifty. Thoughts like: “Just because I still dip into the junk food doesn’t mean I’m not eating better, right?” Or “I work out more than I used to, at least.” These vague goals are the fast track to falling back into old habits. This year, make your resolutions measurable. “I’m going to run at least three times per week” is a lot harder to fudge than “This year I’ll run more.”

A good way to stay on track is to make appointments. If you work out at the gym, schedule time in advance. Set appointments with your float center, and ask for reminder calls when your sessions get close. Let others help you keep your goals.

Base It on the Reason and Result

Saying “I’m going to meditate at least once a week” is a good, measurable goal, but remind yourself why you made that resolution in the first place. Telling yourself: “I’m going to meditate at least once a week, because I owe it to my emotional well-being” will help keep you on track. Exercising, eating better, and even making time for stress relief can become onerous chores if you lose sight of why it’s important to you.

Taking care of yourself should never feel like a burden. If feel like you don’t have time to maintain your health, call a trusted friend and talk about how you’re feeling. They’ll help you remember why your personal wellness is important.

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