Three Ways Floatation Can Get You Back on the Field Sooner

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Winter provides some of the most exciting venues for sports worldwide. However, those sports often result in some injuries that can keep you sidelined. Whether suffering from a concussion or nursing a bruised muscle, floatation can help you get better faster, so you’re back on the field before your team misses you.

Helps All Types of Athletes

Many different athletes in a variety of sports take advantage of floatation therapy and what it offers. This includes players from the major sports (American football, rugby, soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball, marathon or other distance runners, cross-fit participants, MMA, Taekwando, and other types of wrestlers or fighters, skiers, cyclists, and more.) Those taking part in yoga, even pregnant women benefit from time spent in the tank. By removing gravity, the therapy enables many kinds of improvements and aid for the body.

Improves General Well-Being

Following injury, your body and mind can feel disjointed, distracted, and out of sorts. Including some time in a floatation tank can help fight off those feelings, keeping you centered and improving your body’s ability to heal. A tank experience encourages a sense of calm and relaxation, while enabling you to recover from any fatigue your body may be experiencing. It reduces stress, separates you from life’s sometimes overwhelming distractions, like the pressure to get back on the field, and helps reenergize you.

Promotes a Clear Mind

Inside a tank, you will experience stimulation directed at your brain in what can seem a counter-intuitive format – absolute isolation from sensory input. This enables your brain to center itself, synchronizing both sides with one another. This expands your awareness and helps your senses tune into your body. As many athletes like to use downtime to study film or playbooks, time spent in the tank helps promote learning, provides you with the opportunity to focus, intensifies visualization of problems, and increases creativity for problem solving.

Heals Your Body

While you float in the tank, your body reduces production of cortisol, lactic acid, and adrenaline, while boosting release of endorphins. This provides relief from a variety of pains, like joint aches, bruised muscles, headaches from concussions, and more. Tank time helps your body increase blood circulation, which further distributes oxygen and necessary nutrients and helps your immune system fight off infections. Combined with recommended therapy from your physician, floatation therapy can help get you back on the field sooner and do so while helping your body become more resilient against further injury.

You may be down for now, warming the bench or limited in what you can do. Why not add sessions in a floatation tank at Northwest Float Center to help you recover and reduce the risks of future injuries? Call today to schedule an appointment.

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