An Overview of Northwest Float Center’s Impressive Retail Offerings

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As part of our commitment to client health and wellness, the Northwest Float Center gives clients access to a wide range of innovative, all-natural retail products, including:

Onnit Alpha BRAIN

Onnit’s Alpha BRAIN supports memory, focus, and thought-processing speed within the brain. Clinical studies have validated this supplement’s positive effects on the mind. It combines earth-grown botanicals and nutrients that optimize natural brain health. Alpha BRAIN helps people remember names, words, and places, and enables the mind to focus on complex tasks.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN Instant

Onnit also produces Alpha BRAIN Instant, which gives consumers the same effects as Alpha BRAIN but with faster results. Alpha BRAIN Instant comes in two delicious drink mix flavors: natural peach and natural spice. Simply mix the product with water and ignite your brain. It’s a natural nootropic, or a dietary supplement that supports certain brain functions.

Onnit New MOOD

Onnit New MOOD is an ideal complement to floatation therapy, and it helps you unwind after a long day. Its daily stress-relief formula uses vitamin B6, L-Tryptophan, and 5-HTP to naturally and safely regulate mood, promote happiness, and bolster a positive outlook.

Onnit Total Primate Care

Onnit’s Total Primate Care comes in convenient day packs and night packs full of essential vitamins, herbs, amino acids, and minerals. Total Primate Care optimizes your most powerful self, with a 15-day or 30-day supply of supplements that support brain function, energy, mood, bones, joint health, and the immune system.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps purify indoor air. Salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan salt, imported to the United States. They generate negative ions, which neutralize positive ions produced by electronic devices. This helps cleanse the air and relieve problems such as allergies, stress, and insomnia.

Epsom Salt

Northwest Float Center sells 50-pound bags of Epsom salt, the ingredient that is crucial to floatation therapy sessions. Epsom salt has a variety of healing properties and is immensely useful for relieving muscle tension and joint inflammation. Bring your own bag of Epsom salt home to soak your feet or put in a bath.

DōTerra Essential Oils

DōTerra essential oils are distilled from plants harvested at exactly the right time for ideal extract composition. Aromatic essential oils are useful as a beauty treatment, for food preparation, and for a variety of health care practices. DōTerra essential oils promote mental and physical wellness.

Schedule a visit to Northwest Float Center to browse our wares in person and talk to our knowledgeable staff about which products are right for you.

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