Soothing Colors That Reduce Stress

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Floating, yoga, and other controlled-relaxation environments often provides a soothing experience – and it starts the moment you walk in the door. One reason for this is how such places leverage color to calm participants. Colors have a profound impact on the way people feel and respond to the space. To help maintain a feeling of relaxation after a float … Read More

Anti-Stress Gifts Your Family Will Love

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We all deal with stress; some of us more than others. Floatation is hard to beat when it comes to relaxation, so consider a gift card or session from the NWFC. If floating is not your cup of tea, Northwest Float Center has chosen some other favorite stress-reducing gifts to keep your Christmas season peaceful and relaxed. Floatation Gift Cards … Read More

Reducing Cortisol With Floating

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Floating can dramatically reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that releases when the body experiences stress. Anything disrupting the body’s equilibrium causes cortisol release. This may be due to a poor diet, excessive exercise, work-related stress, or other everyday situations that upset the body’s balance. Cortisol causes the body to enter a “high alert” state … Read More

When Stress Turns Physical: Your Guide to Relief

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Are you chronically stressed? If so, your body is probably signaling a stress overload. While it is important to attack stress at the core, you also need to deal with physical symptoms before they get worse. Some of your therapeutic options include massage therapy, acupuncture, and floatation therapy. Physical Effects of Stress Stress goes way beyond mental or emotional strain. … Read More

Floatation Therapy Helps the Grieving Process

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Floatation therapy can be a highly effective part of a treatment plan for many mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. People suffering from grief and loss often exhibit many of these symptoms. While working through grief of any kind takes time, floatation therapy can offer a chance to relax, manage negative emotions, and obtain greater mental clarity. Let’s take … Read More

Tacoma’s New Stress Buster: Float Tanks

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A new stress busting therapy has come to Tacoma, Washington, and its name is flotation therapy. Flotation therapy is all the rage in alternative health circles and it promises to provide a gentle, relaxing experience for Tacoma residents. Give flotation therapy a try and reap the rewards that came from stress relief and deep muscle relaxation. Flotation therapy can benefit … Read More

Beat Stress for Good with Flotation Therapy

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If you’re dealing with a high stress job or are simply worn out by your day to day life, flotation therapy might be a great way for you to relax and experience significant stress relief. For some, resting in a flotation tank for 45 minutes or an hour can be as rejuvenating as a full night’s sleep and a deep … Read More