Floating for Creativity

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Many people use floatation therapy as treatments for a specific condition, but some others float simply for the cognitive benefits it provides. Everyone experiences stress throughout their daily lives, and some people find that floatation therapy helps them disengage from reality and reboot their creative processes.

Theta Waves

As you float, your brain produces slower brain-wave patterns, or theta waves, which are normally only experienced just before you fall asleep, during a deep meditation, and when you wake up. Theta brain waves are usually accompanied by vivid imagery, sudden inspirations, feelings of profound peace and joy, and creative thoughts.

Lucid Dreams

Some people find that lucid dreaming is much easier to achieve in a floatation tank. This process essentially tricks your body into thinking you fell asleep while remaining awake and lucid. There are several methods for achieving this, and they all revolve around ignoring distractions and not responding to “itch” sensations until your body falls into a natural dream state while you’re still awake.

Many people report amazing scenarios from lucid dreams. When you lucid dream, you realize you’re dreaming and therefore have control over your behavior in the dream. Many people report “out of body” experiences, and these natural dream states do wonders for one’s creative processes. Lucid dreaming is difficult to achieve, but floatation eliminates half the battle by closing you off from external stimuli and allowing you to focus inward.

A Natural High

Floating also encourages the body to release endorphins—a natural opiate that stimulates creativity. While floating, many people report hallucinations. Some people hear distinct sounds, while others may see visual hallucinations. This may sound unusual, but this sensation only occurs because the brain is used to being constantly stimulated. Once you shut out all external stimuli, the brain sometimes creates its own. This is completely normal and no cause for alarm. Most people enjoy these mild hallucinations and sometimes report very vivid imagery.

A Natural “Reboot”

In today’s world, nearly everyone is technologically overstimulated. Floatation therapy offers a break from the fast-paced world outside and allows one to focus inward and reignite the creative centers of the self without psychedelic drugs. Floatation therapy allows one to “reboot” his or her creative processes by stepping away from the outside world and healing from the stress of everyday life.

Floatation therapy has innumerable benefits, and it certainly boosts the creative processes. For those looking for a new way to stimulate creativity and promote clarity of thought, floatation therapy may be the answer. Contact Northwest Float Center with any questions you might have about floatation therapy or to start today.

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