Make Mindfulness Your Resolution in 2018

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One of the reasons floatation therapy is so effective is that sensory deprivation causes individuals to live in the moment. They become aware of their breath, their heartbeat, and the flow of their thoughts with nothing else to distract them. The relaxation and calm experienced in the floatation tank can extend between float sessions with the practice of mindfulness. Here’s … Read More

Complementary Treatments to Float Therapy

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Float therapy has been around for roughly 50 years, and studies have revealed its many physical and mental benefits. From pain management to psychological health, it should come as no surprise that this therapy is gaining popularity. Many people from all walks of life and for numerous reasons are seeking out sensory isolation floatation treatment. When Floating Isn’t Enough There … Read More

Naturally Treating Depression

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Sometimes, we get off balance. This is often caused by depression. This issue can hit at any time, but it usually occurs during periods of significant stress. You can reduce depression by developing a consistent routine. Setting a standard schedule means you have organized your life. Often, depression works to dismantle that structure. If you’re unhappy, reestablish a routine that … Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress

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Stress can lead to a number of unpleasant health conditions. Whether the symptom is something as minor as a jaw ache or as major as an increased risk of diabetes, stress is nothing to ignore. It contributes to almost every physical or mental ailment, and the problems it helps create subsequently increase your stress! It’s a vicious cycle. Despite the … Read More

Explore the Theories of Floatation Therapy

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There are seven theories addressing why floatation therapy offers such great benefits. On their own, no one theory provides a complete answer. When considered together, they provide a nuanced and satisfying explanation for the benefits people find in floatation therapy: Antigravity Theory One theory posits that gravity puts a great deal of strain on the human body. With an experience … Read More

Can Babies Benefit From Floatation Therapy?

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Flotation therapy is excellent for adults and children – but is it good for babies, as well? Although the answer may not seem intuitive, there’s evidence that being in the water significantly helps infants. Both neonates and older babies may benefit from floatation, although an effort should be made to avoid isolating them. Returning to a Fluid-Filled Environment With proper … Read More

Floatation or Flotation: How Is It Spelled?

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Many people look at advertisements for floatation therapy and think the term is misspelled when it actually isn’t. Both “flotation” and “floatation” are acceptable spellings for the same term, and both are used to describe the same process. “Floatation” has the older pedigree between the two words; its first confirmed use was in 1806. “Flotation” wasn’t used until the 1850s, … Read More

What’s in a Name? The Many Names of Floatation Therapy

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Floatation therapy has gone by many names through the years. Although most clearly refer to the same experience, less common names may cause confusion. To learn more, read the following information and short descriptions of floatation therapy. Sensory Deprivation This was the original term used by scientists studying the phenomenon in the 1950s. John C. Lilly, the founder of floatation … Read More

The Difference Between Floatation Tanks and Spas

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Floatation tanks can be difficult for regulatory boards to license appropriately. In some countries, a floatation tank is subject to the same safety and regulatory requirements as a spa. However, this doesn’t take into account the specialized conditions floatation tanks require to function as designed. How Floatation Tanks Are Kept Clean One of the benefits floatation tanks have over spas … Read More

Benefits of Floatation for Individuals With ADHD

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Although many children daydream and display signs of distraction, normal hyperactivity levels in a person with ADHD are amplified to nearly unmanageable degrees. Some symptoms may improve as the child ages, but the condition itself doesn’t just go away. People diagnosed with ADHD may require support, therapy, and medication throughout their lives. Part of the difficulty experienced by individuals with … Read More