Soothing Colors That Reduce Stress

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Floating, yoga, and other controlled-relaxation environments often provides a soothing experience – and it starts the moment you walk in the door. One reason for this is how such places leverage color to calm participants. Colors have a profound impact on the way people feel and respond to the space. To help maintain a feeling of relaxation after a float … Read More

Reducing Cortisol With Floating

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Floating can dramatically reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that releases when the body experiences stress. Anything disrupting the body’s equilibrium causes cortisol release. This may be due to a poor diet, excessive exercise, work-related stress, or other everyday situations that upset the body’s balance. Cortisol causes the body to enter a “high alert” state … Read More

How Floating Helps Writers

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Floatation therapy can be highly beneficial for anyone in a creative field. At NWFC, we have already discussed benefits for artists and musicians. We now focus on the benefits for writers. End Writer’s Block Sometimes, external stimuli bombard the brain, keeping it from focusing. Writers call this phenomenon writer’s block. Floatation therapy utilizes Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), which removes … Read More

Awakening Your Spirituality and Other Positive Floating Effects

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The benefits of floating are numerous, and everyone’s experience in the chamber is unique. Many use it as a form of physical therapy, to recover from injury or alleviate chronic neck and back pain. Athletes find it refreshes tired muscles. Those who suffer from joint issues and inflammation find that they are better able to move after floating. But in … Read More

5 Ways Floating Helps Chronic Anxiety

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Stress-related injuries and illnesses are the most commonly cited cause of hospital and doctors’ office visits. However, some experience stress levels higher than most. Chronic anxiety is a debilitating mental condition experienced by thousands of Americans. The causes of chronic anxiety are not well understood. What is well known are the debilitating effects of chronic anxiety: inability to sleep, hold … Read More

De-stress After Work with a Float Session

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There are many kinds of jobs in the world. From high paying to low paying, social to solitary, mentally to physically focused, they all have one thing in common: stress. 40% of workers self-report their job as “very or extremely stressful.” Another 25% of employees say they see their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. What’s more, … Read More

Reducing Back-to-School Stress with a Float Session

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For stay-at-home parents, sending the kids back to school can be a relief. With the kids away all day, there is often more free time for other household tasks – not to mention relaxation. However, the school year tends to be more stressful on parents than it seems like it should be at first. Depending on the children’s ages, getting … Read More

The Four Most Common Causes of Stress

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Stress is a difficult thing to pinpoint. While the human body is designed to release stress signals in times of potential danger, the fast-paced nature of today’s society leaves many people suffering from chronic stress. Here are a few of the most common causes of stress. Health Issues. Ironically, one of the number one causes of stress is health issues. … Read More

When Stress Turns Physical: Your Guide to Relief

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Are you chronically stressed? If so, your body is probably signaling a stress overload. While it is important to attack stress at the core, you also need to deal with physical symptoms before they get worse. Some of your therapeutic options include massage therapy, acupuncture, and floatation therapy. Physical Effects of Stress Stress goes way beyond mental or emotional strain. … Read More

Reduce Your Stress Naturally

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In the pill-for-every-illness society that we live in, it is easy to think that anything and everything can be cured with the right medication – including stress. Before you reach for that child-proof bottle, remember that there are plenty of natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation Meditation has many benefits – helping people with depression, mood disorders, and … Read More