How to Prepare for Your First Float

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If you have never experienced floatation therapy before, it can be a little daunting. Knowing what to expect can relieve your anxiety and make it easier to try something completely new. Here’s what to anticipate. Walking in the Door When you walk in the door at Northwest Float Center, you’ll find a clean, well-lit lobby area with friendly staff. The … Read More

Feeling a Creative Block? Try Floatation Therapy

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Do you feel like your creative juices have dried up? Are you stuck trying to solve a problem? Floating has been shown to increase creative thinking and problem-solving. If you work in a creative industry and are feeling blocked or are not developing your work as creatively as you would like, floatation therapy can help. Here’s the science behind why … Read More

Take a Mini-Vacation to the Float Tank

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Is your summer wearing you out? Summer can be a stressful time, running kids to and from activities, scheduling vacation time, and keeping everyone active. Floatation therapy is a great way for you to plan a small escape from the stress and give yourself a mini-vacation. Floatation therapy can help you clear your mind, relax, and feel like you are … Read More

Tips for Floating on Tough Days

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We’re all prone to bouts of mental chaos. Whether it’s a looming work deadline, family troubles, or troubles with school, we all experience thoughts that spiral out of control. A float session can be the perfect way to calm those thoughts and embrace the silence – if you allow it. While everyone experiences sensory deprivation differently, there are things you … Read More

Alternative Mental Health Therapies to Consider

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People are increasingly turning to natural alternatives to pharmaceutical options. If you’re not interested in taking medications to curb depression, ease anxiety, or regulate your mood, you may have other options. Consistent talk therapy, floatation tank sessions, hypnosis, and mindfulness can all play a role in helping people overcome common mental health struggles. It’s important to note that Northwest Float … Read More

Chronic Fatigue and Floatation Tanks

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) occurs when individuals experience extreme fatigue. It’s different from feeling tired, as this kind of fatigue goes away after you sleep. People with CFS feel constant fatigue, in spite of adequate rest, for a period of six months or more. One of the most frustrating things about CFS is it limits your ability to enjoy or … Read More

Three Must-Read Studies on Floatation

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The rise of digital age has made us naturally more skeptical. It’s not hard to see why – people can post whatever they want on the internet, and we have no way of knowing what’s true. When alternative therapies appear on the scene, our natural skepticism appears and we seek to look for arguments against it, rather than considering its … Read More

Why Everyone Should Try Floating at Least Once

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We live in a world driven by technology. Look around you, and you’ll find that most people are glued to their screens. If you’re reading this, you’re using one right now. While technology has opened a world of wonderful possibilities, it also has a dark side. The kind of light emitted from screens messes with our circadian rhythm, which in … Read More