Who is John C. Lilly?

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John Cunningham Lilly was a scientist who saw the many possibilities of isolation chambers. In his life, he extended research into isolation chambers to create the floatation tank. He later faced criticism and many viewed his research as flawed because of his drug use in combination with floatation tanks. The Life of John C. Lilly Lilly was born in Minnesota … Read More

Boost Your Immune System with the Help of Floatation Therapy

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While you may know that floatation therapy promotes pain and stress relief, as well as a number of other health benefits, did you know that floating also strengthens the immune system? Floaters often enjoy better overall health after floating without realizing they are experiencing this benefit. How It Works Although an improved immune system is related to health benefits associated … Read More

The Truth About Floatation Therapy and Insomnia

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Data suggests that between 33% and 42% of adults experience insomnia each year, and the numbers are certainly not decreasing. The increase of stress, high blood pressure, multitasking, and busyness are some of the leading causes of insomnia, and it can be hard for sufferers to slow down enough to reach the necessary level of relaxation required for sleep. Because … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Helps Individuals With Muscular-Skeletal Conditions

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For many individuals who suffer from debilitating muscular-skeletal or rheumatic issues, pain may seem like an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, many of these health problems don’t have effective cures or long-term treatments, so many people find they are left to manage pain on their own. Floatation therapy offers huge benefits for these individuals. Even though floating won’t cure muscular-skeletal … Read More

The Best Method for Alternative Pain Relief: Floatation Therapy

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When you suffer from severe or chronic pain, your doctors may suggest a myriad of options for pain relief. However, if you want to avoid medicines and drugs that have other unwanted side effects, there are several options for alternative pain relief. One of the most popular methods of alternative pain relief is floatation therapy. Why Floatation Therapy? Although you … Read More

Can Floatation Therapy Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

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Although floatation therapy has long been touted as an effective method of pain relief, we have only begun to understand how it can affect patients with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is not well understood and its effects can be devastating, so researchers are continually searching for new ways to deal with the disorder. Since floatation therapy is known to benefit many of … Read More

REST, Isolation, Sensory Deprivation, and Floatation: The Terms Behind the Tank

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Although floatation therapy’s roots go back to the early 1950’s, there are several different terms that are used to describe the concept of floating. Whether you call it REST, an isolation tank, sensory deprivation therapy, or floatation therapy, the benefits and attractions are generally the same. Sensory Deprivation Therapy The idea of floating goes back to the work of John … Read More

Find Your Inner Creativity with Floating

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Although floatation therapy is heralded for its ability to reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote good health, many people also appreciate floating because of its ability to promote creativity. In fact, floating can draw out an entirely new sense of creativity. Although it is hard to explain why this would happen, it has been suggested that deep internal reflection gives … Read More

Why You Should Fit Floating Into Your Busy Schedule

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With our busy modern schedules, we’re all looking for ways to squeeze relaxation and healing into our hectic days. Many of us never have a chance to fully relax because there simply isn’t room in our schedules. If you’re struggling to find ways to get some condensed rest on busy days, you might consider adding floatation therapy to your schedule! … Read More

Debunking Common Myths About Floatation Therapy

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If you have never floated before, you may have some fears and concerns about what floating might be like. There are some unfortunate myths that circulate about floating that might add to these anxieties. Not to worry, though – most of these myths have no basis in fact! Let’s debunk some of these myths about floatation therapy, and talk about … Read More