Use Floating With Other Forms of Meditation

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Maybe you already meditate. Maybe you’ve never gotten the hang of it, but you really want to start. Either way, floatation therapy can help. Floating can provide a serene environment enabling you to enter a deep meditative state. If you’ve never been able to meditate, floating could be the answer. If you do it all the time, it can help … Read More

Floatation Therapy for Pain Management

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Floatation therapy can provide more than stress relief. Floating can help you manage chronic pain. From rheumatoid arthritis to old athletic injuries, our tanks at the Northwest Float Center are ready to help you overcome your discomfort. The Problem With Pain Thousands of Americans struggle with chronic pain every single day. People of all ages can experience the discomfort associated … Read More

Using Epsom Salt in Other Areas of Your Home

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We love Epsom salt in our float tanks. The salt helps support relaxation and improves your physical condition. However, there are lots of other ways to use Epsom salt around the home. The following tips may inspire you to make Epsom salt part of your daily routine. Stop the Pain Life is full of painful situations – overworked muscles, splinters, … Read More

Our Resolutions at NWFC

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Everyone makes resolutions to start the New Year on the right foot. At NWFC, our resolution is to continue providing excellent service and health benefits to all our wonderful customers. Maybe they’re not actually new resolutions, but we promise to continue offering our support to everyone who can benefit from these sessions. How Floatation Therapy Works Some potential clients are … Read More

Famous Floaters

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Floating is something people of every age and background can enjoy and benefit from. It’s not something reserved for the rich and famous, but many celebrities do enjoy it. If you follow celebrity news, you may know a bit about celebrities who float. If not, allow our profiles to shed some light on a few of your favorite celeb’s floating … Read More

Give Yourself the Valentine’s Day Gift of Relaxation

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Traditional Valentine’s gifts are…boring. Everyone expects roses, chocolates, or stuffed animals. This year, it’s time to consider a present with more meaning and much greater benefits. At the Northwest Float Center, we believe that self-care is an integral part of wellness. Flowers die and candy is bad for your health, but floatation nurtures both the body and the mind. A … Read More

A Post-Holiday Brain Boost

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The holidays are wonderful and can be great times to bond with friends and family. They can also be overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes you need a good jumpstart to clear your thoughts and start again. Floatation is one of the many ways to refresh yourself for the New Year and begin again. If you’ve never floated before, a session at … Read More

Why Epsom Instead of Table or Sea Salt?

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Some people think floating involves big tanks of salt water. This is true, but it’s not the kind of salt you use at the table. There are some big differences between Epsom salts and sea salts. At Northwest Float Center, we use Epsom salts in our tanks for their myriad benefits. Difference Between Epsom and Table Salts Many people are … Read More

Resolving to Relax

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Making resolutions can be tough; sometimes it’s hard to find things worth sticking with. Resolving to lower your stress level through 2017, however, can offer physical and mental benefits that can greatly improve your quality of life. One of the best ways to ease stress is by floating at the NWFC. Floating and Stress Reduction According to the American Psychological Association, … Read More

Floatation Around the World

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Floatation isn’t just an American pastime. People around the world have realized the power and benefits of isolation tanks, and some are even bringing along a floating buddy to share the experience. No matter what floating experiences they choose, all kinds of floatation clients are reaping physical and mental benefits. Australia In Melbourne/Victoria, Australia, the Inner Outer Health Center offers … Read More