Resolving to Relax

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Making resolutions can be tough; sometimes it’s hard to find things worth sticking with. Resolving to lower your stress level through 2017, however, can offer physical and mental benefits that can greatly improve your quality of life. One of the best ways to ease stress is by floating at the NWFC. Floating and Stress Reduction According to the American Psychological Association, … Read More

Floatation Around the World

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Floatation isn’t just an American pastime. People around the world have realized the power and benefits of isolation tanks, and some are even bringing along a floating buddy to share the experience. No matter what floating experiences they choose, all kinds of floatation clients are reaping physical and mental benefits. Australia In Melbourne/Victoria, Australia, the Inner Outer Health Center offers … Read More

Tank a Look at This: Different Types of Isolation Tanks

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As with anything in life, different people prefer different styles of isolation tanks to relax and unwind. Some isolation tanks offer more benefits than others, but there are several options available. Northwest Float Center uses rectangular tanks, but we tout the benefits of other options and encourage you to find the one you like best. Rectangular Tanks Rectangular floatation tanks … Read More

Treating Elderly Family With Floatation

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During the holidays, people often drive many miles to gather with family and friends. The travel can be hard, particularly for senior citizens. However, a floatation session at NWFC alleviates the physical and mental stress of travel. If you’ve never considered floating for an elderly family member, we invite you to examine its benefits. Alleviating Physical Concerns  Many elderly people … Read More

Anti-Stress Gifts Your Family Will Love

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We all deal with stress; some of us more than others. Floatation is hard to beat when it comes to relaxation, so consider a gift card or session from the NWFC. If floating is not your cup of tea, Northwest Float Center has chosen some other favorite stress-reducing gifts to keep your Christmas season peaceful and relaxed. Floatation Gift Cards … Read More

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Overwhelm You

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This season is a wonderful time to enjoy family, spread cheer, and make new memories. It also involves careful planning, cleaning, cooking, listening, and other stressful activities. Floatation is a great option to unwind from seasonal turmoil. However, floating is not the only way to de-stress and enjoy the holiday season. Floating as a Stress Reliever At Northwest Float Center, … Read More

How to Make Floatation a New Family Tradition

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Holiday traditions are often ways to bond as a family and experience new things. Why not start a new tradition and try family floatation? You and your family can bond while experiencing the benefits of a floating session at NWFC. Floating With the Family Unlike other exercise and meditation activities that are best for adults, floating is safe and enjoyable … Read More

Essential Oils for Relaxation

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Essential oils are powerful derivatives people have used for centuries. Each one offers particular benefits and a bright, natural smell. Floating is always an ideal choice for relaxation, but some oils can be used for a similar effect when you’re not at NWFC. What Are Essential Oils? If you’ve never used essential oils, you may be unfamiliar with what qualifies … Read More

Why the Holidays Are the Perfect Time for Float Gift Cards

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Finding the right gift can be difficult – especially if you’re a last-minute shopper or looking for a present for someone who’s hard to please. Floatation gift cards from the Northwest Float Center make a wonderful choice for almost anyone on your shopping list. Quick, Simple Gifts Gift cards from Northwest Float Center are “one size fits all.” Your recipient … Read More

A Clear Mind and Creative Halloween

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Floatation therapy and Halloween costumes might not seem related, but you may be surprised. Floatation tanks reduce stress, which will help you plan your party or just enjoy the holiday more. Floating is also a brilliant way to clear your mind and get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with the best costume idea of the year. … Read More