Three Benefits of Floating for Parents

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Anyone can benefit from float therapy, but a session might be especially beneficial to parents, especially those with young children. Parents of babies or toddlers are more likely to experience high stress levels, as well as pain disorders like “mommy tenosynovitis.” Northwest Float Center’s doors are always open to parents in need of relaxation and healing. If you have yet … Read More

Recent Study Says Floatation Improves Shoulder Tension

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Countless studies have highlighted the positive effects of floating on mental and physical conditions. A recent study focused on how floating helps people experiencing chronic, stress-related pain, particularly in the shoulders. The study’s implications are highly positive for men and women, though the sexes may perceive benefits differently. If you struggle with chronic shoulder pain, a float session at NWFC … Read More

Can a Float Session Help Your Hangover?

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We don’t advocate overindulging but celebrations happen. If you’re nursing a post-celebration day headache, a trip into a sensory deprivation tank may help. You’ll reap many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Additionally, you’ll find it easier to resist temptation next time, especially if you schedule several float sessions throughout the year. Silence When you have a hangover, the normal noises … Read More

Float to Help Those Washington Winter Blues

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Washington state has been dealing with a harsher-than-usual winter. It’s been exceptionally wet and cold, which can take a toll on your psyche. In the winter months, many Washington residents suffer from a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Floatation therapy can help alleviate symptoms of SAD, also known as the winter blues. Why Do We Get the Winter Blues? … Read More

Improve Sleep With Floatation Therapy

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Few things will ruin a day faster than a poor night’s sleep. Not resting makes you irritable, unfocused, and sometimes altogether unpleasant to be around. Studies have shown that as many as 42% of adults deal with insomnia every single year. Our high stress, busy lifestyles contribute to the problem and make it harder than ever to rest well. It’s … Read More

Floatation Therapy to Treat Anxiety

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It’s no secret that we live in a stressful world. More than 3 million adults in America suffer from anxiety each year, but only a third of them are actually receiving treatment. What’s worse, many of the same people are also dealing with secondary mental illnesses such as depression, making their symptoms even harder to handle. Looking for Answers Finding … Read More

The History of Floatation Tanks

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When you think of the 1950s, what do you picture? Fancy cars, full suits, and the beginning of television? Believe it or not, the 1950s were also the birth of floatation therapy. Here we’ll take a look at how this sensory deprivation method has evolved over time. Dr. John C. Lilly The creator of floatation therapy was a doctor named … Read More

Enhance Creativity With a Float

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Floatation isn’t just good for the body, it also nurtures and refreshes the mind. Ohio State University uses floatation therapy to enhance student performance in jazz improvisation and accuracy in sports. Some studies also support the notion that floatation therapy works similarly to sleep or meditation. If your creative mind is feeling a bit fuzzy, floating could be exactly what … Read More

Use Floating With Other Forms of Meditation

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Maybe you already meditate. Maybe you’ve never gotten the hang of it, but you really want to start. Either way, floatation therapy can help. Floating can provide a serene environment enabling you to enter a deep meditative state. If you’ve never been able to meditate, floating could be the answer. If you do it all the time, it can help … Read More

Floatation Therapy for Pain Management

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Floatation therapy can provide more than stress relief. Floating can help you manage chronic pain. From rheumatoid arthritis to old athletic injuries, our tanks at the Northwest Float Center are ready to help you overcome your discomfort. The Problem With Pain Thousands of Americans struggle with chronic pain every single day. People of all ages can experience the discomfort associated … Read More