Five Times You Should Not Use a Floatation Tank

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Most people can safely use floatation tanks to relax and eliminate tension and strain throughout the body, but there are a few times you should skip floatation. Individuals should avoid floating if they are intoxicated, have a contagious illness, have a known incontinence problem, or an open wound (including new tattoos). Read on for some helpful answers to questions people … Read More

Floating for Preventive Health

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Many people come to the float center for treatment of psychological and physical conditions, including fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and anxiety. Some come in hopes of minimizing stress on the mind and body through floating, a potentially beneficial addition to an overall health regimen. A balanced preventive health strategy, including diet, exercise, health screenings, and self-care, is crucial to protecting your … Read More

Can Floatation Therapy Help Me Change Bad Habits?

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Floatation therapy is becoming more popular for people hoping to change bad habits like smoking. The relaxation and chemicals released into your brain while experiencing floatation therapy can help floaters get through difficult cravings or low points in their recovery. Here are some of the ways floatation therapy helps people who want to remove harmful chemicals from their bodies and … Read More

Incorporating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Activities

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Floatation therapy is a great way to relax and become more centered. Meditation while floating offers users a way to experience mindfulness and reconnect with yourself. This post will give readers tips to continue that connection and practice mindfulness in their everyday life. Bring the better health and improved mental clarity from your float session into all areas of your … Read More

How Floatation Therapy Can Improve Your Self-Awareness

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Taking a break from gravity allows your mind and body to have a chance to take a break and become more self-aware. You’re bombarded every day by sensory input. When you remove that input, you can focus on what’s happening inside you. Give yourself space for self-reflection, clarify your motivations and re-center around what’s important. Here are some of the … Read More

How to Prepare for Your First Float

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If you have never experienced floatation therapy before, it can be a little daunting. Knowing what to expect can relieve your anxiety and make it easier to try something completely new. Here’s what to anticipate. Walking in the Door When you walk in the door at Northwest Float Center, you’ll find a clean, well-lit lobby area with friendly staff. The … Read More

Feeling a Creative Block? Try Floatation Therapy

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Do you feel like your creative juices have dried up? Are you stuck trying to solve a problem? Floating has been shown to increase creative thinking and problem-solving. If you work in a creative industry and are feeling blocked or are not developing your work as creatively as you would like, floatation therapy can help. Here’s the science behind why … Read More

Take a Mini-Vacation to the Float Tank

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Is your summer wearing you out? Summer can be a stressful time, running kids to and from activities, scheduling vacation time, and keeping everyone active. Floatation therapy is a great way for you to plan a small escape from the stress and give yourself a mini-vacation. Floatation therapy can help you clear your mind, relax, and feel like you are … Read More