Flotation therapy has changed my life. Stress, pain, anxiety...it all just floats away.

New to Floating? Benefits of Floating Testimonials Float Now
If you are new to flotation therapy, this is the place to start. Get started today with our guidance. Flotation therapy has many benefits including stress reduction, pain management and more. Read some of our testimonials to see how floating has benefited some of our clients. You can book your float at our facility with our easy, on demand scheduler. Float today!

What people have to say about Northwest Float Center!

floating-testimonialsChris P. said:

“My first time floating I experienced relaxation that I didn’t know existed…”

Katherin A. said:

“All I have to say is “You’ve got to try this!!!” All around great experience.”

Ashley W. said:

“My favorite way to unleash my mind.”

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